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6th Annual Best of Raw Award
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February 18, 2013

Interview on What Matter's Most Talk Show

What a blast taping this shoot with Eric Anzalone. Not only is he the host of the What Matter's Most Talk Show, but he is the leather biker from Village People! Come on, you guys remember "YMCA" and "Macho Macho Man." In a million years, I never dreamed that I'd be doing a show with him some day.

What a fun guy to work with. I created some amazing cuisine for him to sample. Southwestern Style "Rice," Tacos with all the fixin's, including a Zippy "Cheese" Sauce, and a decadent TRIPLE layer "cheesecake" (white chocolate, chocolate, peanut butter, and chocolate crunch). Food was not only a hit with Eric, but the What Matter's Most camera crew enjoyed the feast and eagerly took home leftovers! While I'm waiting for the date of the show to air (Cable Vision), it will also be posted on YouTube.

Here's the Full Interview: 

Here's the Trailer

Some of the Rawfully Tempting Cuisine Served...


sn said...

bwahahahaha....that totally cracked me up! He was digging himself in deeper and deeper LOL...thanks for sharing that silly moment :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you are off to a good (?) start !! ...wait, let me think about if that word is a double entendre in anny

Best of luck to you in this endeavor!!



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