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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award


Recipes are Dairy Free, Gluten Free (unless otherwise noted), Processed Sugar Free, Wheat Free. The are Raw (plant-based), and Vegan. 

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Living Cookies eBook
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Learn how to sprout your own flours and create these healthy, living, gourmet treats.
Price - $5.95

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Water Kefir Handbook

 Detailed booklet (.pdf) provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare water kefir. WK is  created through fermentation, a process that only takes a few days and is ready to share with your family. Break the soda habit, and create this lightly effervescent (soda-like) beverage for your loved ones. Fermented, this drink is chock full of pro-biotics and is therefore...good for your gut. The    booklet comes with purchase of water kefir grains, however, many of you have asked for the book   alone..currently available here.  Price - $4.95



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Recipes - A La Carte  Downloads - $1.99 each - eBook Prices Listed Individually
Looking for some extra special recipes to WOW your friends and loved ones? Here are some spectacular Rawfully Tempting recipes that are sure to please. (Shhh...If you don't mention "raw vegan" they won't even know). Rather than purchasing an entire recipe book, and being stuck with recipes you may never use, enjoy this A La Carte Download Menu, and select only the recipes that you find intriguing. You can still find hundreds of recipes on this site, however, I work very hard to come up with new and unique ideas that you may not find elsewhere. Recipes will be clear and include both photos and step by step directions. Have a problem? Just email me or message me on FB. I'd love to hear about your experiences.

I try to make even the more challenging recipes, easy to follow and re-create. Yes, there may besome ingredients that you have not tried yet. Time to expand your culinary palette, no? You,always have a choice to substitute or eliminate any ingredients you don't have or like, so long as you recognize the results will vary from what I've shown. Give something new a try! I use ingredients that I believe add either more flavor or texture, but you are always free to let your inner chef shine...and modify to your hearts content! 

*All recipes are copyrighted to Barbara Kessler (Rawfully Tempting), and may not be duplicated or re-printed on the web or any publication without my written consent. Please honor this.    


Dessert Recipes

Cheesecake - White Chocolate - Pistachio 
Learn how to make a creamy, luxurious "Cheesecake" that will have your friends and loved ones drooling! If you don't tell them this is 
"Raw," they will never know. Step-by-step instructions make this gourmet goodness quite  easy. (Can be frozen.) (No Dehydrator Needed) (Gluten Free) (Dairy Free)

Bonus: How to Make Irish Moss Paste.

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Coconut and Rum Flan
Light, creamy, and silky smooth.Reminiscent of traditional flan, but this dessert is raw vegan! Coconut, rum and cinnamon make this dessert an over-the-top treat for your friends and family!  

Bonus: 2 Recipes + How to Prepare Irish Moss Paste (1 recipe w/ Irish Moss Paste and 1 

(Gluten Free) (Dairy Free) (No Dehydrator  Needed). 
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Muffins - Apple Walnut 

Autumn is in the air, and apples will soon be ripe for the pickin'. Double a batch of these delicious muffins and freeze them. Pop 'em in the dehydrator or defrost when ready. Makes a great "on-the-go" travel snack or lunch box treat for the kids. (Dehydrated) (Gluten Free)
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Noodle Kugel - Just Like Grammy's
A spectacular twist on Jewish Noodle Pudding, also known as "kugel." This fabulous dish is chock full of nutritious goodies like kelp, orange, cinnamon, apples, pineapples, chia, flax, nuts and raisins. Traditional kugel is loaded with butter, egg noodles and processed sugar. Now 
you can enjoy the the taste of tradition without guilt. Depending on your preference, this can be 
a side dish or a dessert. (Dehydrated) (Gluten Free)

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Hazelnut Biscotti
Absolute Hazelnut Heaven. Your friends will never know this is a "healthy raw" dessert. Fabulous gourmet flavor and consistency. (Dehydrated) (Gluten Free)

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Italian Rainbow Cookies

This seems like a bit of a project to prepare, however, if you are not up for the gourmet challenge, eliminate the colors, and create fabulous chewy almond cookies, laced with a scrumptious raspberry jam.  These could also be dipped in your favorite chocolate mix.They freeze great! Show your friends and family how decadent and delicious Raw Living food can be!!! Bonus Included : How to Sprout Chickpeas. (Dehydrated, however they taste great as is).(Dehydrated) (Gluten Free)

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Bread, Crackers and Chip Recipes

Kale Chips - "Egg Nog"

You've never tasted anything like these delicious "Eggnog" Kale Chips. So easy to prepare, and so difficult to not eat them all. Indulge without guilt! Another healthy treat for the kids...and you!  (Dehydrated) (Gluten Free)

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"Rye" Bread +2 Bonus - How to Sprout Kamut & Buckwheat

The taste is so reminiscent of Jewish Rye Bread and compliments any meal.  You also get step by step instructions on how to easily sprout Kamut. Kamut is low gluten, but not gluten free. It can be replaced with buckwheat, but the consistency will vary. 
Serve with a Mock Tuna/Pate, topped with sliced avocado, tomato and red onion, and you will be in heaven. Warm it up in the dehydrator and top with your favorite nut butter and honey. FABULOUS! (Freezes very well) (Dehydrated)

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Rawfully Tempting B. Kessler said...

I received this wonderful comment from a reader:

"I have tried many of your recipes as well as purchased your Living Cookies eBook. The cookies turned out fantastic.

I plan to try this upcoming weekend your donut recipe with garbanzo beans and would like to make the falafel for my family and friends this Rosh Kodesh.

Also, Your rye bread recipe has become and remains a staple in our home. My family has grown to really like it. Its taste and texture is chewy and satisfying.

Thank you,

Skylark said...

My Daughter started a job as a Vegan Chef, I am very proud of her. Once I read your Blog I was just so excited because I knew, not only would this Fabulous Blog be good for me, but for her.
Thank you very much

Rawfully Tempting B. Kessler said...

Thank you so much Audrey! How exciting for your daughter...i wish her success and joy as a vegan chef!!!! I'm so happy you are enjoying my blog and hope it offers inspiration. In good health - Barbara

Applegoddess said...

Wish you would sell this bread! ☺️☺️

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