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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award


I'm pleased to announce that I'm offering the following classes and demos. 

Would you like to enlighten your clients, friends and/or family on the benefits of raw food, and give them an opportunity to actually taste how decadent, delicious and nutritious they can be? Let's get together and I will introduce the basics - how to make almond milk (nut milks), coconut milk, green smoothies, creamy puddings, savory soups, and if there is time, get to sample some delicious probiotic water kefir. 

Class size: 6-12
Time: 2 hours
Tuition: $55.00/person.  Food included. Contact for details. Larger groups may be arranged at additional cost. *Additional facility charge may apply.

"Rawfully Curious I" Starter Class
Where to start? Why raw? What ingredients do I need?  Where do I find them? What equipment do I need? How do I begin to transition from SAD (Standard American Diet) to raw? We'll cover all of these issues and more. I'll give you guidelines to get you started with simple smoothies, nut milk, soup, pates, gourmet salad, and dessert. There will be some hands-on participation, but it may be limited due to amount of information we need to cover, and size of class. Throw a cocktail party for your friends with smoothies and more.

Class size: 4 to 8
Duration: 3 hours
Tuition: $158.00/person
Includes: Instruction, ingredients, breakfast smoothie, samples, recipe handout and product information. Contact for details. *Additional facility charge may apply.

Intermediate - Let's Get UnCooking!
Already have some experience? Roll up your sleeves and let's get uncooking! Select 3 categories from Breakfast, Salads, Soup, Appetizers, Main Course, Desserts, or (Chips, Bread and Crackers). Class will involve hands-on participation that will be divided among the group.Walk away from this class feeling confident to go home and begin to create some yummy treats.  This class is small and intimate so you get a lot of hands on experience! 

Class size : 4 to 8
Duration: 4 hours
Tuition: $175.00/person
Includes: Instruction, ingredients, breakfast smoothie or light lunch, samples, recipes and product information pertaining to class. *Additional facility charge may apply. Contact for details.

*What would you like to focus on? "Appetizers," "Main Course?" A La Carte classes can be on almost anything. Get a group of friends together, and we can create a special class or series of classes customized to your needs.  Host a class with 6 or more people and get class free. (Does not include Water Kefir supplies). 

Select from one below: or create your own a la carte class.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Blending - (Smoothies, Pudding, and Soups)
Nut milk, cream soup, green smoothies, fruit smoothies, pudding, super foods, extracts, sweeteners, etc.We will cover a wide variety of ingredients to help you create blendables that are decadent, delicious AND nutritious. (Demo and hands on).

Class size: 4 to 8
Duration: 2.5 hours
Tuition:  $88.00/person
Includes: Instruction, ingredients, smoothies, smoothie recipes and resources.*Additional facility charge may apply. Contact for details. 

How to Make Water Kefir and Care for Your Grains - Newest Class***
Is your family addicted to soda? What if you could offer them an alternative? Between chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and the rising cost of these toxic beverages, wouldn't it be nice to offer your family a healthy alternative? For a minimal cost, you can create Water Kefir - an amazing probiotic beverage that is light, fizzy and reminiscent of soda/pop.  In this class you will learn to create your own bubbly in a variety of flavors. (Ginger ale, black cherry, peach, rum raisin, blackberry, cranberry, lemon/lime, mango, licorice, and even chocolate, etc). I will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, including how to maintain your grains. Learn how to share the fabulous FIZZ of Water Kefir with your loved ones. Each attendee will receive a Water Kefir Starter Kit to make their own.

Class Size: 4 to 10
Duration: 3 hours
Tuition: $95.00/person
Includes: Complete Starter Kit. You Get -  4 Tablespoons water kefir grains,11 page instruction eBook, 1/4 cup organic sugar mix for 1st ferment, (1) plastic mesh strainer, 1 liter glass Fido jar, (1) glass swing-top bottle, (1) sample Medicine Flower extract, 2 Tablespoons raisins for 2nd ferment, and a LOT of tasting.  (Additional accessories available for purchase).*Additional facility charge may apply. Contact for details. 

Desserts, Sweets and Treats
Brownies, multiple layer cheesecakes, cookies, ice cream, puddings, and/or chocolate. This is the ultimate dessert class. Learn how to create some of these decadent treats that will satisfy any sweet  tooth and help you transition to healthier eating. Get off refined sugar and still enjoy these fabulous foods! This class is small and intimate to allow for a hands-on experience.

Class size: 6 to 8
Duration: 4 hours
Tuition: $175.00/person
Includes: Instruction, ingredients, samples, recipes, and product information *Additional facility charge may apply. Contact for details.

Savory is Something! Soup, Salad and Pastapaloozah!
Learn how to prepare soups, cream soups, and savory sauces on raw vegan rice or "pasta." We can customize this class for you. Lots of tassting. (Demo and hands on)

Class size: 6 to 8
Duration: 3 hours
Tuition: $125.00/person
Includes: Instruction, food, samples, recipes, and product information *Additional facility charge may apply. Contact for details.

Let's Go Shopping
Have you been worried about where to shop and what to buy? Let's go shopping together! I'll go with you to your local market and help you select the highest quality products for a raw food lifestyle. We can also go over online resources for items that are not available locally.  Eliminate the worry and allow yourself to move forward into this lifestyle with ease. Bring a friend or two to join in the fun!

Class size: 1-3

Duration: 2.5 hours
Tuition:  $175.00/person
Contact for details.

Create the Class You Desire
Not comfortable in a group setting and prefer one-on-one attention? Do you already have some experience and want to take it to the next level? Whether you are a beginner or novice, if there is something specific you would like to learn, we can customize this private class to meet your individual needs.

Duration: Minimum 3 hours, up to 6 hours.
Tuition: $150 per hour for up to  2 people. 
Save $$ - Add a 3rd friend @ $60/hr and save. 
Example for 3 hour class - $480 (for 2) + $180 (for 3rd friend = $660. Divded by 3 friends = $220/person.  

Class Includes: One-on-one, hands-on instruction, samples, recipes, some ingredients, and list of product resources relevant to instruction. *Additional facility charge may apply. Additional charge for produce and other food items. Contact for details.

Experimenting on your own and need some guidance? Would you like assistance with your transition into raw, help planning meals or preparing meals, or finding ingredients? This can be a general, overall topic, or a very specific one, like "How to Make Water Kefir." I'm available for phone or skype consultations. Let's customize a consultation that meets your needs and get you headed in the right direction!

Tuition: $100 - Up to 1 hour phone/skype or chat consultation.  After I receive your registration info, I will contact you with possible dates and times to set up your customized consultation  I'm looking forward to working with you!  Contact for details.


I offer instruction in New Jersey.  Fee includes the instruction and travel expenses (up to 25 miles from Hillsborough, NJ).   Additional travel costs for areas outside this range will be added accordingly.  

*Additional facility charge may apply. - We have a lovely teaching kitchen facility in Skillman, NJ and this is available for classes. Please contact me for more details.  We invite suggestions for a specific class you'd like to see offered...


Tracey Lambeseder said...

My son and I took the water kefir class and had a blast. Barbara is a great teacher and had an amazing variety of flavor combinations for us to create and taste. Our kefir grains have tripled already and we now have an endless supply of fresh kefir at home. We highly recommend taking any of Barbara's classes if you hope to expand your knowledge on how to make great tasting food that will nourish your body. Tracey and Tanner

Dorothy Salvatori said...

I have known Barbara for about five years now both personally and professionally, Barbara is a Master at her craft. Her organization skills and attention to detail are like to other. Her fun loving spirit and communication style make her so easy and enjoyable to be around.
Over the years I have learned much from Barbara and have a great respect her creativity and style.

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