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January 26, 2011

Peanut Sauce With Veggies with Noodles

I served this tasty dish over bean thread noodles. If you want to keep the dish 100 percent raw, use kelp or zucchini noodles. W loves bean thread noodles, especially in winter. This was yummy! It's all about choice, so you are free to serve this dish however you prefer. The sauce is super yum!

Thanks to The Sunny Raw Kitchen I thew together this tasty dish, with just a few minor changes.

"Peanut" Sauce
3 Tbsp almond butter
2 Tbsp tahini
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 1/2 Tbsp lime juice
1 Tbsp nama shoyu (or tamari)
1 Tbsp raw sesame or coconut oil
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 Tbsp grated fresh ginger root
1/2 tsp  sea salt
1/4 - 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (depending on how hot you like it)
1 1/2 Medjool dates (or your preferred sweetener to taste)
1/4 cup water (or more, as needed)
Mix until smooth. If necessary, add more water until desired consistency is reached.

1 cup carrot, grated
3 scallions, sliced
1 cup celery, chopped
1/2 cup red pepper, finely chopped (optional)

Place veggies in a large bowl, mix in sauce and let marinate for 30 to 60 minutes. Other veggies of your preference may be substituted.

If using bean thread noodles: Boil bean thread noodles for 3-5 minutes. Rinse and drain. Add veggie/sauce mixture and mix well. Garnish with raw sesame seeds, nama shoyu and grated carrots.

If using kelp noodles, they need to be soaked in warm lemon or lime water while your veggies are marinating. Or you can marinate the veggies in the sauce for 30 min, add to kelp noddles, mix well, and let sit for at least 30 minutes to soften.

 Thanks Carmella. That was delicious!!!


Brenda said...

I am going to make this for dinner tonight - it looks delicious!

~*~Patty S said...

Hello ~ visiting from Brenda's blog...she had shared a banana nut treat recipe and I just had to come and visit.
Thank you for sharing.

Rawfully Tempting B. Kessler said...

Thanks for stopping by Patty...and thank you Brenda for posting!

~*~Patty S said...

Just had to report back. Your Peanut Sauce dish was a BIG hit for dinner tonight..just scrumptious! Many thanks once again

Rawfully Tempting B. Kessler said...

Thanks for reporting back..awesome..I can't take credit for this recipe..but I'm so glad you liked it!!! Thanks for letting us know.

Jeani said...

Hi, Barbara ~
Today was my first time to your site. I made this dish for dinner, but of course, made a few minor changes like only half the salt, and I added just a smidge of Irish moss paste. My veggies were carrots, purple cabbage, yellow squash, sweet red pepper, and kelp noodles.
I ate it ALL! I used all the sauce, and feel completely happy with that. It's the first time in a long time that I've eaten so .... piggishly. :~) The raw donut holes I had planned for dessert will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing your story, your recipes, your family, and yourself. I will return often.

Rawfully Tempting B. Kessler said...

Hi Jeani..welcome. Thanks so much for leaving feedback and I'm so thrilled that this meal worked for you. We love it and yes, there are so many variation you can do...good for you!! I love when people get creative and add their own flare!!! Do I know you on facebook? If so, please drop me a note so I know who you are..LOL..Blessings and Good Health! Barbara

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