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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

June 28, 2010

Dreamsicle Cheeze Cake

Now this was a challenge! In keeping with the vanilla theme for this week, I wanted to come up with an orange/vanilla combination. I was thinking about dreamsicles...and this is what I created...

It still needs a bit of tweaking. I used yacon syrup, instead of clear agave and that turned my nice vanilla cheeze cake into a beige color. I used oranges, mango, orange rind and even tumeric to try and get an orange color for the orange cheeze cake layer, but again, the yacon and sunflower lecithin muddied the color. Next time, I'll try kumquats for more color. I made this without a crust and would add one next time. W, my professional taster thinks my Vanilla Finger Cookies that I made the other day, would make an outstanding crust. I think he's right, however, it would be a ton of work. The cookies took almost 2 days to dehydrate. But those vanilla finger cookies were one of my favorite desserts. So simple...but such a B I G flavor!

The garnish on this cake, is shredded coconut and tumeric, along with a tiny drop of Medicine Flower Orange Extract. The colors are not what I imagined, but I knew Orange, was going to be a challenge. Out of vanity, I may have to go with clear agave next time. What do you think? It tastes great. You definitely taste the orange/vanilla combo. Come on, take a bite!


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