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Voted Best of Raw - Favorite Raw Vegan Gourmet Chef + Favorite Raw Vegan Blog.

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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award


Barbara Kessler is an internationally recognized, Award Winning, raw vegan chef, recipe developer and creative force behind Rawfully Tempting and In her blog, newsletters, articles, classes, books and videos, Barbara's easy writing style, takes a genre new to many, and brings simplicity to the surface. Her knack for both creating and writing recipes in an easy to follow format is visible throughout her blog, Facebook groups and forums. Barbara's recipes coupled with mouth-watering photos, give readers plenty of confidence to create their own raw delights with ease.

Kessler's presence is rapidly permeating the raw, vegan and healthy eating communities. In 2014, Barbara received two awards from the prestigious Best of Raw Annual Contest, presented at the Raw Living Expo. The two awards were Best Blog (for this site), and Best Gourmet Chef (0-5 years).

You can check out her appearances on "What Matter's Most" and the Living Raw video production. Her creations are amazing and her decadent signature Chocolate Kale Chips have even been featured on

Barbara Kessler has been a guest speaker on "What Matters Most" and "Healthy Shots" (two times) with the well-loved and fondly remembered show host, Cher Till. She hosted a Pastapalooza raw cooking demo at Organic Avenue in NYC, publishes a monthly Newsletter, and haw been nominated in multiple categories for 4 years, in the Best of Raw International Contest. Local readers can join Chef at her Raw Vegan/Living Food Potluck, which meets monthly in Skillman, NJ.

Some of Kessler's delightful recipes have been published in the following books:

The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume II
Raw Challenge
Raw Potluck
Raw Garden
Recettes Crues - Pour Tous les Gouts (French)

Kessler was invited to compete as a contestant, and won 1st place in Chef Andrea Beaman's, Unlock the Taste of Summer Tour Cook-Off with her Award Winning - Zucchini Noodles with Champagne Mango Cream Sauce. Check out another one of her award winning recipes in the Nutiva Recipe Club.

You can read her more of her interviews at  We Like it Raw, FriendsEat.comas well as a feature spread in the fabulous June issue of Super Raw Life Magazine.  Kessler has also published several eZine articles that are quite informative and is a regular contributor to the Living Tree Community Newsletter. Kessler has also been interviewed by and was featured on in a special Thanksgiving holiday dessert post.

Barbara Kessler is available for demos, hands- on workshops and private raw food prep coaching. Please see her SERVICES section of this site for more information.

Rawfully Tempting also has an amazing line of nutrient dense, raw, gluten free cuisine that explodes with flavor.  These treats are "decadent, delicious and nutritious" Check out the online Cafe here:

Go to the Rawcipe Boutique where you will also find her "Living Cookies" ebook along with some of her spectacular recipes,  (or "Living Cookies " for Kindle)                    
As Barbara continues to evolve spiritually, a holistic approach to life greatly influences her perception of the world. This most certainly includes food, which she considers to be sacred. According to Barbara, how you feel about what you put into your body can influence you as much as "what" you actually put into your body. She believes a positive attitude can make a huge difference in how the body utilizes the nutrients it's being fed. Barbara practices  what many call "mindful eating" or "conscious eating." This basically means taking a pause to be present before eating, and spending a moment in gratitude to the Source of the ingredients in any meal. Most of us are in the habit of sitting down to eat in an unconscious state, and barely taking the time to taste, smell and feel our connection to the food we are putting into our bodies to nourish us.

Interview on What Matter's Most

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