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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award

April 24, 2018

Water Kefir Workshop - Saturday, May 12th

Hands-On  Water Kefir Workshop 
Is your family addicted to soda? What if you could offer them an  alternative? Between chemical  preservatives, artificial sweeteners,  and the rising cost of these toxic beverages, wouldn't it be nice to offer your family a healthy    alternative? For a minimal cost, you can create Water Kefir - an amazing  probiotic beverage that is light, fizzy and reminiscent of soda/pop.  In this hands-on class  you will learn to create your own bubbly in a  variety of flavors. (Ginger ale, black cherry, peach, rum raisin, blackberry, cranberry, lemon/lime, mango, licorice, and even chocolate, etc). REGISTER BELOW (Click READ MORE).

I will walk you through the  process from start to finish. Learn how to share the fabulous FIZZ of Water Kefir with your loved ones. Each attendee will receive a Water Kefir Starter Kit to make their own.

Starter Kit. You Get -  4 Tablespoons water kefir grains,11 page instruction eBook, 1/4 cup organic sugar mix for 1st ferment, (1) plastic mesh strainer, 1.5 liter glass Fido jar, (1) glass swing-top bottle, (1) sample Medicine Flower extract, 1Tablespoons raisins for 2nd ferment, and a LOT of tasting.  (Additional accessories available for purchase). More Info

Date - Saturday, May 12th
Time - 12:15 - 3:15pm
Location - Kingsbury Wellness Center
18 East Union Avenue
Bound Brook, NJ 08805


REGISTER HERE -  (IMPORTANT - You’ll receive eBook via email) 
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