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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award

November 29, 2014

Pecan-Carob Maca Milkshake

Oh Yum! Thank you Living Tree Community for another fantastic product. Of course this is lick-off-the-spoon-fantastic, but I was in a hurry and wanted to toss together a quick, satisfying beverage. I didn't quite measure everything, so amounts are approximate, but this is so reminiscent of a frothy milkshake. Feel free to adjust as needed.

Pecan Carob Maca Milkshake Ingredients

4 cups almond milk or coconut milk
1 frozen banana
3 Tablespoons chia seeds
2-3 Tablespoons carob powder (or cacao powder, but carob adds a more malty flavor)
1 Tablespoon maca powder (adds a malty type flavor)
1 Tablespoon lucuma powder (adds maple-like flavor)
2 Tablespoons Living Tree Community Pecan Butter
1 cup water kefir (totally optional)
Choice of handful of greens or green powder, optional
Sweetener, optional
6 drops Medicine Flower Vanilla extract or 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 drops Medicine Flower Caramel extract, optional

Prepare almond or coconut milk and add to blender.
Add remaining ingredients and blend.
Add ice to chill and blend,


*Mention "Rawfully Tempting" in Shipping Comments of any purchase, and Medicine Flower will send Friends of RT a Special Bonus Sample.


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