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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

March 17, 2014

(Dairy Free) Chocolate Covered Strawberry-Cheesecake Pudding Parfait

Okay, so I'm on a pudding parfait roll...Can you blame me? Pudding has always been one of my favorite treats, and raw vegan pudding is just exquisite! I get bored with the same thing over and over, so I keep changing up ingredients. For all of you that really want to make pudding, but don't have access to young Thai coconuts,  I used Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream instead. Yes, it turned out as tasty as it looks and definitely thickens as it chills and the coconut cream starts to set. Your family and friends will LOVE you for making this for them!

Once again, any of my pudding or cheesecake recipes can be tweaked to create almost any flavor. Don't hesitate to get creative and add your own flair to these recipes!!! Have a question? Post it below and I'll try to answer. If you don't have white chia, I highly suggest finding some. It really helps when you want to keep the colors of your dish lighter and brighter!!!

 Chocolate Covered Strawberry-Cheesecake Pudding Parfait

Lemon Cheesecake Pudding Ingredients
1/2 cup coconut cream/butter
1 cup  raw cashews
2 cups water  (as needed for consistency)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract   (3 drops Medicine Flower Vanilla extract)
4 Tablespoons chia - (preferably white)
1/4 cup maple syrup - grade B (or your favorite sweetener)
2 lemons, juiced (Adds a cheesecake flavor to pudding)
1/8 teaspoon sea salt

Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Ingredients
2/3 Lemon Cheesecake Pudding mixture
1/2 cup strawberries, chopped (fresh or frozen)
2 drops Medicine Flower Strawberry Extract (optional)
2 Tablespoons chia - (preferably white)

Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding Ingredients
1/2 Strawberry Cheesecake mixture
2 Tablespoons cacao powder

Directions for Lemon Cheesecake Pudding
In blender, mix coconut cream, cashews and water until creamy.
Add remaining Lemon Cheesecake pudding ingredients and blend.
Transfer 1/3 mixture to bowl and set aside.

Directions for Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding
Blend Lemon Cheesecake Pudding  with strawberries, extract and chia, until creamy.
Transfer 1/2 of this mixture to a bowl and set aside.

Directions for Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding
To remaining mixture in blender, add cacao powder. Taste for sweetness and adjust as needed.

Layer each flavor in parfait glasses and garnish with ground cacao nibs, coconut, and or chopped nuts.
Chill and serve.

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