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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

July 1, 2011

Raw Chocolate Fudgesicles

Rich, fudgey, tasty, sweet, cooling, satisfying............under 150 calories per pop. A great Summer treat!

C H O C O L A T E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creamy Fudgesicle
(makes 6 ice pops)

2 bananas (preferably frozen)
1/2  cup cashews (soaked)
1/2 cup water (as needed to thin)
2 Tbsp nut butter
1/2 avocado
2 Tbsp cacao powder 
2 tsp mesquite powder (optional)
2 tsp lucuma powder (optional)
1 tsp coconut oil
3 Tbsp maple syrup
2 drops Dark Chocolate Medicine Flower Extract  (optional)
2 drops Vanilla Medicine Flower Extract (optional)
dash cinnamon
dash cayenne (optional)

Blend cashews and water. Add banana and blend until creamy

Add remaining ingredients and blend well. Pour into ice pop molds and freeze. Mesquite, lucuma and Medicine Flower Extracts are all optional ingredients. They add flavor and texture to this recipe, but you can absolutely prepare an scrumptious dessert without them. I like to have them in my kitchen because they do add so much, but if you are just starting out, don't be afraid to try a recipe because you don't have all of the ingredients. Raw food preparation is VERY forgiving...give it a go!

Mention "Rawfully Tempting" in Shipping Comments, and Medicine Flower will send you a Special Bonus Sample with your purchase.


shannonmarie said...

Good stuff. We've been enjoying raw frozen treats to keep cool around here, too. I think we'll love this one. Thanks :-)

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