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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

December 22, 2010

Tips for Staying on Track During the Holidays

Holidays and spending time with family can be challenging when we're transitioning. Planning ahead is your best strategy. Be sure to contribute something raw to the meal that others will enjoy, but that you'll also have to fall back on. It helps me to bring dessert, so I'm  less tempted to eat some sugary snack I'll really regret later.(By the way, the photo is of raw cookies wrapped for a holiday gift!)

Deciding ahead of time what your limits are and not leaving this to the last minute or to impulse, will prepare you mentally and make it easier to stay on track. Bringing something  to the meal helps prepare you  physically and helps you avoid feeling like there are no good choices for you to make.

Another suggestion is to bring a green smoothie. It gives you something to sip while others are noshing and makes picking up the wrong foods less likely. This also gives you an opportunity to educate others about living foods if you feel it's appropriate. If not, have some idea of what you are going to say when people ask what you're eating or drinking and why. If you are comfortable, talk about it. If not, don't, but it's  probably easier in the long run if you have some explanation planned ahead of time. I prefer to be honest. "This is not a diet for me, it's a lifestyle. I've made a conscious choice to eat living foods because they are filled with enzymes and nutrients. I'm loving the experience and the benefits that I get from this lifestyle... And just wait until you see the dessert that I've created!" Keep it light, but don't be afraid to let your passion show. That passion is contagious! If someone seems interested, but you don't want to monopolize the conversation, offer to talk to them about it another time, or send them an Internet link to more info that you think would helpful.

Most importantly, be yourself and do your best, and if you do steer off course, don't beat yourself up! It's not the end of the world! Eat it, enjoy's done, and get back on track tomorrow.

I wish you all good luck and hope you enjoy the holiday season. Whatever holiday you are celebrating,  enjoy, be present, and take a moment to remember what it is you are celebrating!!! Don't forget to be grateful for all that you do have, for the loved ones around you, and for LIFE. May the coming days be filled with joy, good health and prosperity for you all.

Happy Holidays!



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