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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award

February 28, 2011

Pad Thai

Another one of my favorite recipes...yum yum yum. I made this previously for non-raw foodies..and they LOVED it! Don't be afraid to experiment using many different veggies. It all comes out good!

Pad Thai

Ingredients for Veggie Marinade
1 Tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice)
2 Tbsp nama shoyu (Coconut aMinos or tamari)
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp red chili pepper, minced
1 Tbsp olive oil

2 medium zucchini (spiralized)
3/4 cup broccoli florets
3/4 cup mushrooms sliced
3/4 cup bok choy, sliced
2 large carrots, matchstick cut
1/4 cup red onion (sliced very thin)
1/2 cup pear, sliced thin (I used Forelle Pears - very sweet and pretty color), optional
1/2 cup young coconut meat, sliced (optional)
3 Tbsp cilantro leaves, or 1 T dried

Ingredients for Sauce
1/2 cup Almond Butter
1/4 cup water to thin, as needed
1 Tbsp lime or lemon juice
3 tsp Ginger, minced
1 Tbsp honey, or sweetener of choice
1 clove garlic crushed
1 Tbsp nama shoyu (Coconut aminos, or tamari)
1 date, soaked, pitted and finely chopped
1/2 - 3/4 tsp chili powder
2 Tbsp cashews, crushed for garnish (can use sesame seeds)

Directions for Marinade
Mix ingredients in a bowl and whisk

Directions for Veggies

  1. Cut and slice veggies as directed in Ingredients list. Spiralize zucchini, or use a peeler and cut long, thin strips like noodles. Place in a colander. You can also warm these in dehydrator for 30 minutes before while other veggies are dehydrating. It makes them more tender.
  2. Pour marinade over veggies and mix well with hands. Continue to toss several times over an hour.
  3. Spread veggies on a non stick dehydrator tray and dehydrate at 110 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. (This is optional, but it tastes better. If you don' t have a dehydrator, let veggies marinate several hours)

Directions for Sauce
Blend ingredients in blender until very creamy. Test for spiciness and adjust, adding more chili powder or some more red chili peppers if you like it spicier.

Plate spiralized zucchini. Top with veggies. Drizzle some Sauce over both. Top with slivered cashews or sesame seeds. Garnish with sesame seeds or cashews. In the pic above, I forgot to add the garnish when I took the picture.

Option: As an alternative, I used a Vietnamese Rice Wrap and filled it a bit of Sauce and filled with marinated veggies and spiralized zucchini. Drizzle some extra Sauce over wrap and sprinkle with cashews or sesame seeds.The wrap is not raw, but it was wonderful!
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