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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

November 8, 2013

Water Kefir Workshop - December 7, 2013

Learn how to prepare this refreshing, effervescent "soda" that contains over 40 strains of probiotics. Fermenting this mildly sweet liquid into a healthy, hydrating beverage is tons of fun...easy to do, and good for your gut. Register Here

You'll get to sample and create a variety of flavors, such as, guava, raspberry, lemon-lime, ginger-ale, cream, blueberry, violet, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, and more. Start your very own batch of water kefir to bring home and continue to culture your own grains for friends and family. 

Remember: Water Kefir grains are living organisms and they need to be fed and cared for. In return, they will gift you with an amazing elixir! When you adopt these grains, you will need to properly care for them.

Due to advanced prep, a minimum of 5 people is required, or class will be rescheduled.

You Will Receive A Starter Kit That Contains the Following:

11 page .pdf How to Prepare Water Kefir Handbook (via email)

4 T organic water kefir grains (raised with LOVE).

Nylon strainer.

*1 high quality glass swing top bottle (made in Italy) - for 2nd stage ferment

1 liter glass Fido Jar (made in Italy) - for 1st stage ferment

4 Tablespoons organic sugar blend. (for 1st batch)

1 sample Medicine Flower Extract.

2.5 hour In-depth/hands-on workshop.

Post-Class Support via email.

*Will have extra swing-top bottles and Fido Jars available at event. Water kefir grains you will need a larger bottle to ferment them in. 


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