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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

December 29, 2012

Hurricane Junk Food - The Storm is Over

There has been NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING compared to the love I feel every time I see my granddaughter, Charlotte. Although they live long-distance, and I don't see her often, my heart bursts with love whenever I can spend time with her. I felt so fortunate to be able to spend the holiday with not only Charli, but my 2 beautiful daughters and their husbands (and of course, W).

It was a L O N G ride from NJ to SC and the weather was cold and windy, but I was thrilled to be able to watch my princess open her presents Xmas morning!

While I prepared many treats for the trip in advance, I also packed up Rawfully Tempting cookies, chocolates and other delights for my loved ones. No, they are not raw...not even close, however, I did bring some of my most delicious goodies in the hopes of not necessarily converting them, but nourishing them with raw living foods. While making a candy gingerbread house with Charlotte was an amazing experience, having her guzzle down several of my special smoothies warmed my heart, and made me wish I lived closer.

Given our family history, some of the things I saw in the refrigerator, and on the counter, shocked me. One of my daughters had serious food allergies growing up and I raised my kids off sugar, dairy products and processed wheat. I sought out alternative ways to make tasty treats for an elementary school child that she could enjoy, and not feel like an outsider. We did not have the ingredients we do now, or at least not that I was aware of...but I did the best I could with what I had. I thought being raised on healthy foods would automatically continue into adulthood. It seems to have backfired. Perhaps not being allowed to eat some of these foods, made her want them more? I don't know, but my granddaughter's diet is filed with things I would not have fed my kids decades ago. I bite my lip. It's my daughter's child and her life. I cannot interfere with this and win. It would only serve to put a wedge between us. I hope that lovingly offering them healthy alternatives will have some influence. I gave both daughters a Yonanas for Christmas, so they could make soft-serve "ice" cream, out of fruit. They were surprisingly all thrilled with the gift, and sent me photos of "breakfast" the next morning. It's far more productive to simply offer them these things with love, then try to force it upon them. Some of my treats they REALLY like, and others not so much.

With my experience, I know that once you adopt this way of eating, you are overcome with  cravings! It takes discipline and a certain level of consciousness to recognize how bad you actually feel and then make lifestyle changes for not just yourself, but your entire family.

I left home with the intention that I'd eat as healthy as I could, but not compromise the sometimes volatile relationship in my family, which took a huge hit when my mom passed away. As the new matriarch of my family, I was determined to enjoy my kids, and have fun...whatever that meant. And have fun, I did and I'm so grateful! I loved spending time with my family! However...I was TOTALLY blindsided by my own reaction to the Junk Food Storm, and astounded how quickly the "other Barbara" took over. How does this happen? The daily barrage of processed foods, along with sugars and white flour, hit me so hard, that I didn't notice my own inability or desire to say "NO." I'm not one to beat myself up for eating something that I know is not great for me ...but when a week passes by, and I'm craving these foods, "Whoa Millie!" This is not good!

When I arrived back home last night, I realized just how badly I felt.  I feel like I'm coming down with the flu. My entire body aches from head to toe, and I had my first migraine in 7 years. Basically, I feel like SH*T...but it's okay, because I do know the way back, and as I'm sitting here writing, I've got my delicious smoothie in hand. My body is very grateful for these yummy ingredients!

Because I'm a raw vegan chef and recipe developer, people sometimes falsely assume that I'm 100 percent raw, and that I've got this whole thing down pat. It's simply not the case. It is true, I have a gift for developing recipes. It comes easily and naturally to me and I'm so grateful for this ability. I LOVE sharing these recipes with my readers...but Barbara comes with a history of health and eating issues..and as this wonderful evolution takes place, sometimes, I cycle in directions that may seem backwards. I choose not to see it as a bad thing, and I write about it in the hopes that I can help someone else going through this, that may be beating themselves up.

As far as I'm concerned, Life is a journey, and I truly believe it IS the JOURNEY that counts. There is no destination. There is no "getting there." We may never ARRIVE at the place it is we think we are going. As human beings, we are here to EXPERIENCE living and to CREATE whatever it is that gives us JOY. For me, creating recipes and healthy foods stokes me to the max! I don't preach about what I do, but serve friends and loved ones...and my readers by creating fun and nourishing recipes that are filled with LOVE and ingredients that help to promote GOOD HEALTH.

I'm back on track today, and with the New Year coming, it gives me a super push to really pay attention to how I'm taking care of myself.  I ask you to do the same...It's been a rough end for many of us this year, but opens the door to all kinds of healing and community efforts. My prayers continue to go out to all those affected by these tragic events!

From my heart, I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! I'm human and fallible. I make mistakes and sometimes wrong choices. As the New Year rolls in, I plan to spend a bit of quiet time with me, observe exactly what it is my actions are creating in my own world...and decide in which direction I want to go.

For this year, I hope to heal some of the stubborn issues that have plagued me. I have so much healing to be grateful for, and this coming year, will hopefully take me to the next level.

Bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read my many thoughts. I hope that I'll be able to continue on with this site...posting fabulous recipes for you all!



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