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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

October 17, 2010

Green Coconut Coffee Concoction

Many of you know that I am in love with the C O F F E E extract from Medicine Flower and can't get enough of it!!! Interestingly enough, while I love the smell and taste of coffee, I've never been a coffee drinker.  However, I love coffee smoothies...and this is OUTRAGEOUS good!

Green Coconut Coffee Concoction (for 2)
 Lots of kale
+Dandelion greens
1 young thai coconut water and meat
Add water to coconut water to equal 2 cups liquid
2 bananas (frozen works best)
1 Tbsp hemp seeds
1 Tbsp ground flax seeds
1 Tbsp chia seeds, ground

coffee extract (5 drops Medicine Flower Coffee Extract)

Blend coconut water, water and meat in high speed blender. Blend in greens. Add remaining ingredients and blend until creamy. (Crush in ice to thicken and chill quickly).

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Anne said...

That looks totallly awesome. I tried to make a shake out of this recipe. It was good.

Rawfully Tempting B. Kessler said...

Fantastic Anne. Do you have the coffee extract? That really gives this an awesome kick!

Healthy. Happy. Well. said...

This looks incredible, I absolutely adore the color!

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