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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

January 16, 2010

Raw - Flax, Fruit, Pineapples & Patience - Update

Update on my first D experiments: The  

Mediterranean Almond Bread was the winner! The pineapples came out fabulous, but I think I cut them too thin, and they took a really long time. What was left, I devoured in about 3 minutes!!! Makes note: dehydrate a LOT of pineapples!!!  The Sun Dried Tomato Flax Crackers are good if you like that really grainy texture and also like the taste of sun dried tomatoes.

They were flexible, so I put them back in for more drying. I may not have spread them thin enough and am debating if I should pop them back in again. I am going to look for another cracker recipe. I am sure there are tons. If you like sun dried tomatoes, then this is a great recipe. I am not a total fan of the flavor. A friend of ours tried them last night and she seemed to like them. Not one of my favs...but they look pretty!

The Tropical Fruit and Yogurt Roll-Up looks kinda wishy washy in color , but tastes VERY good!! Our friends gave it a thumbs up.  I don't really have a recipe but I threw some yogurt, banana, pineapple, and shredded coconut into the blender, spread onto a ParaFlexx sheet  and flipped onto a mesh sheet after about 4 hours. Then I  returned to D until not sticky any more. (Total time was close to 15 hours)


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